that time of year

There’s something about cool spring mornings, with the soft light and crisp air that makes me smile. I remember waking up on these mornings as a kid, on a Saturday, to join my mom and dad out in our screened-in porch. I would sit on the fake grass in the small spots where sunlight hit to warm my skin. I’d be allowed to have a small cup of coffee, which tasted like a treat with cream and sugar swirled about in there.
I don’t know what the proper word would be to describe the feeling that I had on those mornings, that has followed me all the way through adulthood. Every time I wake up and see the cool sunlight peeking through the window, I get flooded with the same emotions.
It’s almost as though I feel inspired, or creative. The possibilities of what I can do, as a person, as a creative soul, feels almost electric at my fingertips.
I have been working a lot lately on positive self-talk. I am aware of the fact that when it comes to getting stuff done, I am my own worst enemy. I crave to read, to write, to draw, to hike. All of these things are right there in the back of my mind, but I find myself following the same unhealthy patterns.
And when spring comes back, and I feel like a little kid again, it gets to the point where it’s more work to ignore the voice in my head telling me to ‘go’ or ‘do.’ If only I could bottle that feeling for the dreary rain and snow days.
I am using my own encouragement and goal-setting to dive into my creative world once again. And I can tell you I already feel happier and lighter. I want to keep this motivation surrounding me, pushing me forward to do better and appreciate more.
I feel the urgency of this mission now more than ever. I want to raise my children in a fun, creative home. I want them to have the inspiration that I have become accustomed to. To use their imagination, and create, is one of the greatest things a child can do.

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